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Over the last ten years I was able to collect a decent amount of experience and knowledge on preparing athletes for their goals: through books, education, my own experience as an athlete, but mostly through each and everyone of you! Being very thankful for that, I decided to share this experience and knowledge with you. I choose topics that I consider highly important in the process of increasing performance and staying healthy at the same time.

Training Advice
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Why Recovery is Key

The definition of a recovery week is a period of time where you intentionally reduce the volume and/or intensity of your training. Typically, a recovery week will involve a 20-50% reduction in training volume. The reduction of intensity is questionable and a topic for further discussions and research.
On an anatomical and physiological level this is what happens during a recovery period and mostly during sleep (sleep is without a doubt the most important phase for recovery):...
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Triathlon Race Day

I am fully convinced that successful athletes do not just train consistently, having their goals set properly and having internalized their whys (that's another story), they simply have planned their races, training camps and daily trainings diligently and way in advance. It does help tremendously to be able to train when everything works when it should work and with everything in place where it should be. It further supports your mental status having planned and organized all your travels and equipment in advance.
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What to expect during
Marathon Training

An early start is advantageous to build up the training load gradually and to reduce the risk of injuries. To exemplify marathon training this article covers the three main phases. The number and duration of sessions depend mainly on your experience and training history. During the entire period of marathon training it is of the essence to build in adequate sleep and recovery sessions as well as dialing in proper nutrition and hydration that is aligned with each session...
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Five hacks to implement strength in your endurance plan

Race results and feedback from my athletes show a huge positive impact from implementing heavy lifting in their endurance plans. Five key issues always pop up! Let's go through them! 
When to perform strength in a fully packed endurance week is the third issue. There's one answer: go to the gym before endurance training, but never directly after endurance.

Revitalizing Your Marathon Training

Traditionally, marathon training emphasized sheer volume and basic speed work. However, the integration of advanced strength training, innovative recovery methods, and strategic high-intensity workouts are revolutionizing how I prepare my athletes. VO2max sessions until race week! [...]
With these strategies, you're not just training smarter, but also setting the stage for a personal best performance that is as much about mental triumph as it is about physical endurance.
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Single-Stress-Training. Impactful for endurance athletes.

Long distance triathletes always face the challenge on how to get all necessary training sessions into a fully packed week. Coaching is mainly about managing fatigue and recovery efficiently. Therefore I started to put TWO VO2max sessions in ONE DAY. One 60 minute ride in the morning, one 60 minute run in the evening (slightly adapted due to individual training history, goals, etc). For the day before and the day after I planned low heart-rate, base tempo, long distance sessions. 
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How one word can change your training: Self-Efficacy.

Awareness of your self-efficacy can be a game-changer in your training. It is the belief in your ability to successfully accomplish specific tasks or goals.

Understanding and being aware of your self-efficacy—the belief in your ability to succeed in specific tasks—can significantly enhance your approach in training and boost your overall success. Here’s how and how you should start talking to yourself in the future: ...


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8 min easy warm-up including


Deep Lunges (with UB forward & backward lean), Cossack Squats, Hamstring Sweeps, Crescent to Hamstring Stretches, RDLs with stretch arms

Blood Flow & Speed Intro:

Tapping, A Skips, C Skips, Straight Leg Bounds, Bounds into Sprint 3x100


8x1000m @ around 95 % of max HR (in other words - go all out), keep the pace, last km should be the fastest) - with 4 min REST 

3 min easy cool - down

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