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Tell me about your thoughts, goals and let's go through your open questions! This is the easiest way to make the final call on getting into one-on-one coaching.

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Over the last ten years I was able to collect a decent amount of experience and knowledge on preparing athletes for their goals: through books, education, my own experience as an athlete, but mostly through each and everyone of you! Being very thankful for that, I decided to share this experience and knowledge with you. I choose topics that I consider highly important in the process of increasing performance and staying healthy at the same time.


To receive my training advice papers - just fill out the form or write me an email! 

Hope you enjoy reading, text me if you (dis)agree and share it if you feel like it. Your Coach Katharina

Training Advice
Mann entspannt am Boot

Why Recovery is Key

The definition of a recovery week is a period of time where you intentionally reduce the volume and/or intensity of your training. Typically, a recovery week will involve a 20-50% reduction in training volume. The reduction of intensity is questionable and a topic for further discussions and research.

On an anatomical and physiological level this is what happens during a recovery period and mostly during sleep (sleep is without a doubt the most important phase for recovery):...

Sprint Runner

Short intervals for long distance triathletes

Image by Alora Griffiths

Triathlon & Heavy Lifting- The divergence of opinions


8 min easy warm-up including


Deep Lunges (with UB forward & backward lean), Cossack Squats, Hamstring Sweeps, Crescent to Hamstring Stretches, RDLs with stretch arms

Blood Flow & Speed Intro:

Tapping, A Skips, C Skips, Straight Leg Bounds, Bounds into Sprint 3x100


8x1000m @ around 95 % of max HR (in other words - go all out), keep the pace, last km should be the fastest) - with 4 min REST 

3 min easy cool - down

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